Sol-Train FitnessCharlie Moody

About us

Sol-Train Fitness was founded by Charlie Moody

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life and I honestly believe that it gives you complete equilibrium of the mind and body.

I began my fitness journey 15 years ago when I graduated with a Premier diploma in personal training . I began work in The City Of London and Canary Wharf in corporate fitness and have never looked back.

I am passionate about exercise I believe that it can make your life richer, fuller and most importantly longer.

My approach to personal training is that it must be enjoyable . It's a precious hour out of my clients day and I want them to leave my session feeling motivated, uplifted and confident.

Every client is different and requires a PERSONAL training experience , one size doesn't fit all. I have worked with clients with many different goals including cycling a stage of the Tour de France, pre and post natal exercise and drastic body transformations.

I'm passionate about helping you to set and reach your goals whether you're brand new to exercise, are struggling to find a programme that inspires and works for you, or whether you just need a change to shake up what you already do in the gym. My personal approach means that as a team we will be constantly re-evaluating your plan so that it works for you and sets you up to get you to the place you want to be.

I love fitness and have continued to expand my knowledge by completing many courses over the years including:

  1. Spin
  2. Jordan kettle bells
  3. Advanced core
  4. Pre and post natal
  5. Body balance
  6. Olympic weight lifting

I currently train in a private studio just off of the Essex Road . However if alfresco training appeals to you I am more than happy to train in the fresh air.


  • Premier Personal Training Diploma
  • Tomahawk Advanced Spin Instructor
  • Jordan kettle bells
  • YMCA Advanced core stability
  • Pre and post natal exercise
  • Body balance
  • Cybex Olympic weight lifting
  • Cybex advanced aerobic training
  • Exercise To music aerobic instructor

Our Services

  • Introductory session £50

    A one hour appointment. We will begin this session setting out your goals , looking at your health history and any injuries you may have . We will then move on to body stats and measurements and finally onto a 40 minute fitness session working together to find a style of exercise that suits you

  • Single PT session £50
  • Block bookings £450

    Upfront payment for 10 sessions £450

  • The Gym Junkie £1440

    This is a 12 week programme for anybody serious about reaching that goal . Do you have an fitness event coming up you want to train for? Are you focused about changing your body in 12 weeks ? Do you prefer to train with a trainer on a regular basis?

    We will train for 60 minutes 3x per week

    This is an upfront payment of £1440

  • Prenatal exercise £45

    As a mum myself I know all too well the demands put on the body during pregnancy and during delivery . My sessions are a safe and effective way to maintain fitness and de stress during your special time.

    £45 per session

  • 1-1 buggy session £45

    A one hour workout for mums who have little time to exercise. An outdoor workout with baby strapped safely in their buggy. A mix of strength and cardiovascular training will ensure you can increase energy and fitness levels.

    £45 per session

  • *All sessions have a strict 24 hr cancellation policy.